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E:MC² stands for “Esthetisch Medisch Centrum 2”

in other words “Aesthetical Medical Center 2” It is an independent private surgical center located in Sint Martens-Latem, a charming suburb of Gent, Belgium. E:MC² is fully dedicated to treating and taking into care aesthetic surgery patients in a private setting, with a warm, personal approach and top quality as primary goals.

Todays aesthetic surgical treatments demand a specialized approach of the hospitaly, the care and the attendance to the patient. In our disciplin of plastic surgery the emphasis has shifted from cure towards care

At the entrance the warm colours welcome you in a relaxed ambiance which stands in contrast with most hospital interiors.

The founders of this surgical complex are Dr Alexis Verpaele and Dr Patrick Tonnard, both internationally accredited plastic surgeons, internationally renowned for their achievements in the field of aesthetic surgery. They were inspired by their numerous visits of reputed private hospitals on all continents.

You have probably recognized “E=MC²” as the famous formula on the relativity theory by Albert Einstein, describing the unity of matter and energy. As a analogy with this E:MC² refers to the unity of body and spirit, and also “with a wink” to the relativity of physical beauty. But above all we mean to emphasize the importance of “a sound spirit in a sound body”. We do believe that caring for our body leads to inner peace, ultimately resulting in harmonic well-being.