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The course of a typical treatment in E:MC²

The day before the surgery the secretariat will have informed you of the timing of your procedure, so that you know exactly when you are expected in E:MC². Please allow ample time for your journey, as traffic is very unpredictable. You don’t want to get stressed just before your long-planned surgery! If you would arrive early, we are there to install you comfortably so that you can get accustomed to the environment of our clinic.

Upon arrival one of our nursing staff will welcome you, and accompany you to your room. She (or he) will assist you during the whole preparation, and walk you to the operating theatre when it is ready for you. Your partner is welcome to accompany you to the doors of the operating quarters. You will receive a medical questionnaire, which you ought to fill in as completely as possible. Shortly after your arrival our anesthesiologist will run through this questionnaire with you. If you would have any questions concerning the anesthesia you have then the time to ask them. Also you plastic surgeon will visit you in your room, so you have then the opportunity to ask questions that you might be left with, or make any relevant remark. He will than make the necessary markings with a marker. These markings will be deleted in the end of the operation.

After the surgery you remain a while in the recovery room. Typically this will be about the same duration as the surgery. In the recovery room all your vital parameters such as heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen saturation and breath are constantly monitored. A registered nurse is present to care for you.

If you like, you can relax listening to music or watching your personal flatscreen TV plus headphone. The anesthesiologist then finally decides when you are ready to return to you room, where your family is waiting.

Before you leave E:MC² your surgeon will come and assess whether you are fit to leave the clinic safely. Finally the nurse will give you all necessary instructions for the days to come. Should any emergency situation occur after you have left E:MC² you can at all times contact one of the physicians connected with the centre through one of the mobile phone numbers that you will receive upon departure.